Face-up to Frailty Awareness Campaign help us to raise awareness and concern about Frailty and engage people to take action! Frailty is a progressive age-related decline which confers extreme vulnerability to stressors such as an influenza or gastroenteritis, increasing the risk of disability, hospitalization or even death. Frailty may be prevented and treated to foster a longer and healthier life. Frailty is an important public health issue in our society which has solution. Thus, there is the need to create awareness in the civil society at large and more specifically on health policy makers, patients, informal carers, health professional and researchers on the relevance and necessity of taking action on this issue.
It aims to:

      support people to share their stories about living with frailty.

      help people from all sectors to understand what they can do to prevent and manage frailty.

      build readiness for a decade of active ageing aligned with the WHO Strategy and action plan.

      It raises awareness on the impact of frailty for individuals, families, communities and systems.

      promote the ADVANTAGE JA recommendations among health workforce, policy makers and managers and older people and their carers.

      have social society contributing to implement ADVANTAGE JA recommendations and have tangible results in everyday life, thus putting knowledge and evidence into practice.

It collects a "Face up to Frailty" narrative with people who have lived experience of frailty, their families and carers.
The Face-up to Frailty Campaign will be launched during the Madrid Forum on December 13th 2018.

A story from Greece

My daily activities are reduced, especially the last year and I fall easily. My wish is to change the course and get better. I am currently following a fall prevention program and I am doing much better...

A story from Cyprus

H κυρία Μαρία είναι 83 ετών και ζει σε ένα ορεινό χωριό της Κύπρου. Θυμάται όλη της την ζωή, από μικρή ηλικία να δουλεύει, μικρή στα χωράφια του πατέρα της και αργότερα όταν έκανε τη δική της οικογένεια...

A story from Spain

Juan (90 years old) worked in a factory and Rosa (84) was a seamstress. They are married for over 30 years and enjoy together a good quality life. Juan enjoys an excellent health without comorbidities.

A story from Finland

They say wisdom comes with age. But unfortunately other things come with age as well. Little by little your health status and functional capacity will decrease and you get weaker and weaker. Up until the age of 85 I considered myself to be in relatively good shape...

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