During the #faceuptofrailty campaign partners should develop materials (photos, narratives, videos, interviews, etc.) with people who would like to share their thoughts on frailty, or have experienced it, with their families and carers. Partners should also encourage the involvement of other organisations and entities in developing similar material. This is at the heart of a “Face-up to Frailty” engagement campaign directed towards policy makers, advocates, professionals, people living with frailty and cross sector organizations in the 22 Member States involved in the ADVANTAGE JA. There are different ways you can contribute to the dissemination and content of the #faceuptofrailty campaign:

· Share the invitation to participate in the campaign with your colleagues and/or other people who you think may be interesting in it.

· Share the invitation to participate in the campaign with other organisations who may be interesting in it.

· Contribute by sending content to be uploaded on the ADVANTAGE JA “Face Up to Frailty” section of the website or on the JA social media.

· Highlight to info@advantageja.eu other national or international campaigns that aim to tackle frailty!

Materials for the Face Up to Frailty! campaign

You can develop the following materials to contribute to the #faceuptofrailty campaign. Examples for each type of material are included, for your guidance. Interviews (text or video) a) Interviews with a person/people who experience frailty (video or text). Interviews can be conducted in your own language. If you want, you can also provide an English translation. On the website of the campaign both language versions (if English is provided) will be posted.


b) Interviews with carers of people living with frailty (video or text)
c) Interviews with policy maker, or civil society representative who are working to tackle the problem of frailty (video or text) For an example of an interview please click here
d) Interviews with professionals working with people living with frailty (Interviews with carers of people living with frailty) click here

Example of questions for conducting interviews with people living with frailty
Example of questions for conducting interviews with professional/policy makers/civil society representatives



Take photos with people living with frailty in situations where their condition is depicted. It is encouraged to portray a positive message about how frailty is tackled and how the people engage in day to day activities and/or dynamic activities.

Photos of people holding the hashtag of the campaign (#faceuptofrailty) and your own language hashtag
Photos of older people tackling frailty and your own language #faceuptofrailty hashtag. 










Short stories

Short stories (1/2 page) about best practices from your community regarding the management of frailty.

Click here to read the story.



a) Video-document the life of an elderly person facing up to frailty – what are the activities that he/she are doing to avoid frailty.
b) Newsletters regarding the #faceuptofrailty Campaign with general information about frailty and ways to tackle frailty in order to raise awareness in MS countries.


Face Up to Frailty dissemination materials

Other dissemination materials have been developed that partners and other organisations can use for the campaign:



Join our Face Up to Frailty campaign to share and make a difference!!
Your collaborative involvement to support the dissemination of Face Up To Frailty is very important for the success and impact of the campaign. To share the commonly created content among your networks, we are relying on your support to reach the target groups (People living with frailty, their carers, health and social professionals, policy makers, etc.) and beyond to enhance the spread and sharing of people with lived experiences, their carers and families and the cross sector workforce.



· All received material will be uploaded on the ADVANTAGE JA website and social media posts will be created in order to properly disseminate the activities of the campaign. Please make sure to have the permission to publish the picture or the video.
· An organisation may wish to take the guidelines as a reference document and amend them to their local context. Please, be aware that you will need to acknowledged ADVANTAGE JA if the guidelines are adapted to your local context.




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